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Our Activities

At Reach we offer a wide range of positive, meaningful and fun activities within a safe and friendly environment! 

Individuals are encouraged and empowered to make their own choices, gain confidence, develop their communication, social and life skills and reach their potential. 

We also offer a variety of exciting opportunities based within our local community which enable individuals to actively engage with, and make a valuable contribution to community life.

Most importantly our activities provide a great opportunity to socialise with friends, meet new people and have lots of fun!

Our activities

Our weekly schedule…


  • 9:15am - 3:15pm
    All Activities

  • 6:30pm - 9:00pm
    'Fit Club'


  • 9:15am - 3:15pm
    All Activities

  • 12:15pm - 3:15pm
    'Kraft Works'


  • 9:15am - 3:15pm
    All Activities

  • 6:00pm - 8:30pm
    'Reach for the Stars' Disco
    Once per month


  • 9:15am - 3:15pm
    All Activities


  • 9:15am - 12:00pm
    'Fit Club'

  • 12:15pm - 3:15pm
    'Fun Club'


  • 10:00am - 12:00pm
    'Rock 'n Pop School'
    1st Saturday each month

Our Activities


    Arts & Crafts


    We offer a wide range of arts and crafts activities where individuals are able to be creative, express their individuality and learn new techniques. These activities include glass painting, fabric, wood and dough crafts, decoupage, card making, collage, pottery and use of recycled materials. Individuals can choose to work on individual projects based on their own interests (e.g sports or music), join in making themed or planned projects or work as a group to achieve something together.  

    We enjoy regular visits to our local pottery studio 'The Melting Pot' where individuals choose, design and decorate their own pieces of pottery to take home. Items made include dishes, tiles, plates and mugs. 

    We are also very excited about our art and craft enterprise called 'Kraft Works!' Here individuals are able to design, make and sell their own craft items. These will be available to buy locally and via our online shop! 


    Cookery & Baking


    There are lots of enjoyable cookery and baking opportunities on offer! These include baking cakes, biscuits, pies, cookies, puddings and tarts. We also enjoy fun, themed sessions including Valentines day, Pancake day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas 'bake-offs!'.

    Cooking lunch is a very popular activity where our group like to try different cooking styles and dishes from around the world. These include Italian, Indian, American, Chinese and English cuisine. When the sun is out we also love a BBQ!

    We offer 'Individual Cookery Programmes' which aim to support people who live independently, for instance preparing and cooking simple lunches, or making an evening meal to take home. 

    In addition we also enjoy pickling, chutney and jam-making!  

    We provide regular group discussions about food safety and healthy eating which supports people to be safe within the kitchen environment, stay healthy and benefit fully from their cookery experiences!  


    Sports & Games


    We offer a full range of different sports & games activities enabling people to keep fit, socialise and have fun! They also provide an opportunity for individuals to learn about teamwork, sharing and to develop important communication and social skills.

    At our club individuals enjoy many different outdoor group activities including tennis, volley ball, football, cricket, rounders, ball games and boules. We also have a Giant Jenga which is a real challenge! Indoors we take part in other activities like skittles, darts, pool, boccia and games on the Wii. We also have some fun playing various table top games including, Jenga, bingo and quizzes. We often play for prizes!

    We regularly attend a multi-sports session within the community which is held at the Glades Leisure Centre. These sessions offer all inclusive sporting activities including short mat bowling, penalty shoot out, boccia and seated volley ball.




    We participate in small gardening activities on the patio area at our club. Individuals enjoy learning about planting in pots, different gardening techniques and caring for plants.

    Our group get involved at every stage from purchasing to planting and nurturing growth through watering and feeding. Our activities include growing plants from seeds, bulbs and potting seasonal bedding plants. We have also enjoyed a sunflower competition! 

    Our service users feel a huge sense of pride and achievement in the care and display of flowers at the club, and the cricket club members look forward to our display every summer!



    Music & Karaoke


    There is a varied range of musical activities on offer! We have a lovely 'Music Man' called Dave who comes regularly to sing a variety of songs and play guitar. We have lots of different percussion instruments to play, including drums, tambourines, bells and a keyboard so people can experiment with different stimulii, sounds and techniques. 

    On Fridays we offer a 'Fun Club' where 'DJ and Singer' Chris comes to visit us! Chris is funny and entertaining with an outstanding singing voice. He sings a whole range of different songs and encourages people to join in singing on the mike with him and to have a dance! 

    We also offer Karaoke sessions where individuals have the opportunity to sing (and dance!) to their hearts content! We have a wide range of songs to choose from with something for everyone!


    Drum Workshops


    Our regular drum workshops with Tim and Pam from 'Rhythmicity' are very popular, lively and entertaining sessions!

    As well as being fun and engaging these sessions teach us about leadership and communication. We learn to work together as a group, using drums and percussion, to produce some great drumming rhythms and sounds! 

    Tim and Pam are fantastic, leading the group with heartfelt passion, imagination and a huge sense of fun! 


    Dance & Fitness


    We provide various 'Dance & Fitness' activities for fitness and fun!

    We provide 'just for fun' sessions including 'Aerobics', 'Belly Dancing' and 'Wii Dance'. Also 'Zumba' and 'Belly Dancing' sessions delivered by qualified instructors. These sessions enable people to learn new dance moves, styles, to express themselves and enjoy a lively, energetic time with friends!

    Some of our service users access the 'Zumba Gold Classes' at the 'Feel Good Gym' based at the Mercure Hotel. Bev the instructor provides pom poms and scarves to use during these sessions which makes it even more fun!



    Gym & Swim


    On Fridays we offer a 'Fit Club' where people can take part in gym, swimming and exercise classes. These are held at 'The Feel Good Gym'. Individuals are supported by our 'Fitness Coach' Chris. We also offer these sessions on a flexible basis during the week.

    There is a wide range of activities available including the gym (treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and weight training), swimming, tennis, exercise classes and a steam room and jacuzzi for relaxation!

    For gym use individuals have a 'induction' to ensure equipment is used safely and effectively. There is also the opportunity to have an 'Individual Fitness Programme' based on needs and goals, for instance weight loss, strength building and endurance.

    Participating in these sessions encourages people to get fit, stay healthy and take an active part community activities. The staff at the gym are also extremely welcoming and helpful, and our service users have made many new friends there!


    Travel Training


    As part of our provision we offer opportunities for individuals to undertake 'Travel Training' programmes. This training gives people a set of essential skills to enable them to travel independently.

    'Travel Trainers' work on a one to one basis with a learner to gain independence on a specific route to and from work, college or social and leisure activities. Routes can be undertaken either on foot or with use of public transport. This training promotes independence, increases confidence, improves social skills and helps to maintain relationships. Most importantly independent travel enables individuals to feel safer in their community and opens the door to new life opportunities and experiences in education, employment or leisure.   


    Outings & Trips


    We are often 'out and about' taking part in a variety of community, social and leisure activities. Regular outings include shopping trips, multi-sports, gym, swim and exercise sessions, going to a cafe or for a pub meal, cinema and theatre outings, tenpin bowling, pool and social events.

    Walking is a popular activity on offer. We are surrounded by stunning, picturesque scenery with access to a wide variety of walking routes and beauty spots. These include forest and river walks, a local valley and parks. Our group enjoy taking 'Logan' the guide dog for a walk and going for a picnic!

    Day trips are also on offer, having ventured locally to museums, galleries and castles, city shopping trips, outings on the Severn Valley Railway and to the seaside!    



    Small Enterprise


    As part of our provision we offer a 'work-based' activity called 'Kraft Works!' This is an art and craft workshop where individuals are able to design, make and sell their own art and craft items locally. Items we make include fabric, glass and wood crafts, pictures and ceramics. Essentially this is the service users' own enterprise with any product sales made by the team being shared with the team!  


    Charity Work


    Our Reach group are very thoughtful, caring and supportive of others in need. We believe it is important to 'give something back', to support other community groups and to help others. Therefore every year we aim to raise money in aid of charities that are close to our hearts.

    For our first event we organised our own 'Street Collection' in aid of Anthony Nolan, inspired by the story of little Charlie Harris-Beard. We were so proud to have raised £60.00 in aid of this worthwhile cause.

    Our second event was a 'Sponsored Walk' of one mile in the Wyre Forest, walking in aid of 'W.Y.S.P.A' (Wyre Forest Specialist Play Area). This local community group aim to develop an all inclusive, specialist play area for children with disabilities and specialist behavioural needs. We raised £237.00 in aid of this fantastic cause!

    For our next event we organised our own 'Triathlon' to raise money in aid of 'The Guide Dog Association'. We were inspired by one of our lovely friends John, and his wonderful guide dog 'Logan'. The triathlon challenge consisted of an 800 metre swim, a 20 mile (stationary) bike ride and a one mile walk. Our team raised £455.00 in aid of this great cause and the group felt a huge sense of pride and achievement in completing the challenge!




    We aim to offer group holidays for our service users, ranging from weekend camping trips to weekly seaside escapes!

Our New Project!

At Reach we are very excited to introduce our new enterprise 'Kraft Works!'

'Kraft Works' is a new 'work-based' craft workshop where individuals can take part in designing, making and selling a variety of art and craft products they have made. The aim is for the 'Kraft Works' team to sell these items locally and via our online shop. Any product sales made by the team will be shared with the team!

Our workshop will enable individuals to be creative, empowered and feel a huge sense of achievement and reward!

Come and join us!  

Join us!
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